EyeSlick Ultimate System – Beginner Friendly Income & Traffic System

Completely beginner friendly! This is something literally anyone can do, even if you’ve never earned anything online before! Automate physical or digital product sales, affiliate sales or even get paid with tips and cash rewards like Patreon/Twitch.

Copy/paste simplicity supercharges any affiliate offers, websites, lead capture pages, social pages & more for easy leads and sales! Done-for-you traffic on major traffic networks guarantees your great videos get seen by even greater audiences. And SO MANY MORE WAYS to make money with this revolutionary brand new income and traffic system.

EyeSlick Ultimate System

EyeSlick Ultimate System

Brand new interactive media marketplace that lets you turn simple videos into automated money making pages. Your own “vTail” channels in any niche on the hottest new video social eCommerce platform! EyeSlick Ultimate System

Import videos from YouTube and fill your channel with creative commons content. Click and go live from your computer or phone, or upload pre-recorded videos.

Sell physical or digital products… or even click a button and sell your own time by the minute for online coaching in your field. Products are live in moments! Beautifully delivered and managed inside eyeSlick.

Receive rewards (including cash!) when you post great content, earning without even selling! 6 months of inbuilt traffic with our fully funded traffic syndicate (10% of eyeSlick’s profits are re-invested in paid advertising to send YOU traffic).

EyeSlick Ultimate System – Beginner Friendly Income & Traffic System

We’ve secured $1,000,000 in funding from business investors who have seen the potential of this platform and are partnering with us, to make this massive. This funding is being used to expand the reach of our platform.

Including investing that and reinvesting a substantial amount of our profits into paid traffic from outside sources like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google and more… This means YOU benefit with hoards of FREE traffic completely done by us. Our goal is to make YOU successful & have you profit from it! EyeSlick Ultimate System

The eyeSlick platform is already live in the iTunes, Google Play stores and available via Mac and PC to watch – our audience is already growing virally, hungrily waiting to send YOU money!

Sell Digital or Physical Products

Listing a product is simple to do. Just click, add your description and choose your price. Your product is live and available in our marketplace.

No messing around with merchant accounts or getting approval. You’re live and ready to sell anything from your digital course, to your kid’s old bicycle in under 60 seconds.

This works for digital product owners, or even dropshippers with all the info you need available in your dashboard.

Affiliate Products, Webinar or Lead Gen Link directly on your videos

You’re able to place links directly over your videos making sure every viewer sees your calls to action.

You can add a link to:
[+] Any products you’ve added to the marketplace
[+] Your affiliate links
[+] Lead capture pages to build your lists
[+] Social media pages to grow your audience
[+] ANYTHING you choose to make you money!

Sell Video Courses Exclusive Sale | Multiple Buyers

You can use eyeSlick to upload your videos or create on the fly … and sell entire courses or playlists you create. Sell exclusive rights to them for a higher ticket price, or sell to the masses similar mega-sites like Udemy

Get Paid By The Minute Private Coaching & Consulting

If you’re a coach or someone who can offer tutoring, or anyone who just knows a bit more than the next guy … you’ll love this feature! Set your price per minute and choose when you want to be available. eyeSlick will automatically deposit the money into your account in real time, as you’re live on the call.

Get Tips & Donations
Get Paid Even When You’re Not Selling

Your viewers have the option to leave tips for you, so even if you don’t list a single product eyeSlick can still earn you cash! EyeSlick Ultimate System

Import Videos From YouTube
Playlists | Instant Import | Easy Content

Want to build your channels with YouTube videos? Simply copy and paste the video URL and we’ll import the videos, title, description. All you need to do is decide how you want it to then go ahead and start making you money!

Get Paid However You Like
Paypal, Stripe and more integrations to come

All sales are processed through our eyeSlick account, so money is automatically taken from your customer and placed into your eyeSlick account in real time.

When you want to withdraw your money, request and it’s yours within 3-5 business days.

Scheduling & Push Notifications
Automated inBuilt Alerts

Let everyone know when you’re going live with our inbuilt push notifications to draw in an instant audience when you add new content or when your next live session is about to begin. EyeSlick Ultimate System

Gamification & Rewards
Engaging | Fun | Authority

Whether you’ve won a competition, sold your first item, or even just joined the community, we’ve got hundreds of celebrations you and your viewers will receive to encourage engagement and interaction.

Anytime, Anywhere
PC | Mac | Android | iPhone

Broadcast live from anywhere you choose directly from your device, set up campaigns and create product listings. Everything can be done where you want in a snap!

Watch The Video Below For A Complete Video Walkthrough!


 Now It’s Your Turn To Unleash Something EPIC With Your Own eyeSlick Access Today

Completely beginner friendly vTail platform! Profit-ready, even if you’ve never earned anything online before! Copy/paste your links to any affiliate offers, websites, lead capture pages, social pages & more for easy leads and sales!

Automated physical or digital product sales, affiliate sales or even get paid with tips and cash rewards & tips. Inbuilt video importer. Go live from your phone/computer, upload or fill your channel with content from YouTube.

Video Training Materials Shows you how to set up and optimise your system for fast and worryfree results.

ADD ON #1: Reseller Royalties instantly available on your licenses so you earn 5% even if you give them away! ADD ON #2: Inbuilt Automated Traffic on major traffic networks guarantees you seen by massive audiences.

BONUS: Live Training Event. This online masterclass event will show you step-by-step how to succeed.

EyeSlick Ultimate System

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